BioImpulse Project

The BioImpulse project aims to create a new adhesive resin free of substances of very high concern (SVHC). By developing  a biobased molecule of interest, this project will open up new applications for biotechnology in the field of materials. 




Replace formaldehyde-based resins/glues in several markets

Develop and industrialize a biobased molecule 

Ramp up investment proportionally thanks to
modular processes  

Design and develop a range of non-toxic adhesives/resins 




€M Budget



Fields of application

Industrial adhesive resins have historically contained SVHC-classified compounds. The global market potential for a substitute would be significant, primarily in the automotive and construction sectors.




Moulded components


The main objectives of the BioImpulse project are to:

  • Create a new adhesive resin free from SVHC compounds which has less impact on human health and the environment,
  • Develop an industrial-scale fermentation process for this molecule of interest more cheaply than its oil-based equivalent,
  • Promote this new adhesive resin technology in the automotive and construction markets (in particular timber),
  • Produce this resin in small, compact and decentralized installations as close as possible to the final customers, reducing its complexity and implementation costs.

The originality of this project is that it integrates a considerable portion of the value chain: from the biological production of the molecule right through to the application of the resin.

Eco-design (including production by fermentation, with the possibility of 2G biomass supply[1]) will be key to the project for health, environmental and economic reasons.

[1]Not in competition with the power supply

BioImpulse: sponsor of Manon and Quentin

“The BioImpulse project team brings together French leaders from several business sectors. It is made up of specialists recognized in their field, all determined to harness new technologies to boost French competitiveness.

It has set itself an ambitious goal, a real challenge: to co-create a biobased resin using open innovation in the space of six years. (…) Read more

A first milestone validated for the bioimpulse project

A first milestone validated for the bioimpulse project

Initiated in 2019 for a duration of 6 years, the BioImpulse project aims to create a new adhesive resin without any of the so-called Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC). BioImpulse covers the development of the production process of a biobased molecule of interest...

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Happy new year

Happy new year

May this year bring you to new horizons, rich in projects and successes. Let’s encourage together for the 2021 Olympic games Manon and Quentin for the 2021 Olympic games !

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